Főoldal What happens with our waste mountains? A left solid waste disposal without technical protection flaunts near the border almost every settlement’s in Hungary. ---> Along... What recultivation means? It is necessary to clarify the meaning of recultivation, since it is a relatively new concept. Basically it means the brought back to production of an area wrecked by the human activities. ---> Along... The detailed description of the programme The Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association for preparations and planning of the recultivation works applied for the call of the National Development Agency within the framework of the Environment and Energy Operative Programme 7.2.0-2007-0012 project in 2009. ---> Along... Information about the project owner The project owner, the Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association committed to the implement the project bearing in mind the fundamental environmental values. ---> Along... Settlements involved in the project List of the 29 participant settlements. ---> Along... Az előkészítő szakaszban végzett tanulmányok A Kaposmenti Hulladékgazdálkodási Önkormányzati Társulás a program előkészítő szakaszában felmérést készíttetett, mely azt szándékozott mérni, hogy a lakosság miként viszonyul hulladékgazdálkodási törekvéseihez, illetve a szemléletformáló információk mely csatornákon jutnak el leghatékonyabban hozzájuk. --->Tovább... Hírlevelek Hírlevelek a rekultivációs projekt kapcsán

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The man frequently subordinated the environmental values to the economic ambitions either in the previous decades or centuries. There is less and less clean and suitable environment accordingly the planning and execution of programmes targeted to set back the original, natural status is became a must for today. The Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association was founded in order to save the closer environment with the collaboration of the affected 118 settlements. Our previously created waste landfills will be more secured in order to reserve our stocks of water from the impurities with the support of the European Union and the Hungarian State. The recultivation of 28 landfills will be executed within the project. The scheming and the construction works started at October. The nearly 2.1 billion forints investment series completes within two years according to our plans. The works of the investment can be tracked in the webpage. My confidence is that the project assists our home to become cleaner, greener and healthier habitat.


Károly Szita chairman

Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association


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The Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association with its 118 member municipalities was founded to form modern waste management system and eliminate the abandoned, rigid waste landfills in 2005. For this we wanted to reach European Union and domestic support. Success crowned our work in 2011. Both of our applications were granted, getting green light for the implementation. The two elemental aims of our Recultivation Programme are on the one hand to eliminate the waste emission of the landfills, on the other hand to form such biological living space what the nature can recapture. With the result of the exemplary collaboration of the municipalities we can close a near 2.1 billion Forint investment in 2013 from which we can bravely state that we have made great steps to protect our underground waters, so to protect our environment. As the operational manager of our programs, I hereby thank you for your interest in our investments. At the same time I ask you to share with us your thoughts and suggestions for improvement on this site.


Katalin Kovács association leader

Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association